Our Company

Our Company

Taxpayers frequently find that they have no friend in the IRS.  We established this company to help level the playing field.  We address concerns such as:

  • Filing current and prior year unfiled returns from the year 2000 to the present.
  • File amended returns for those years where there are discrepancies with income and/or deductions.
  • Assist in the recreation of supporting documents.
  • Tax Planning
  • Client representation in the event of audit.
  • Tax account resolution (stopping levies and garnishments, negotiating payment plans, etc.)..

With more than 25 years experience, we have seen most tax situations and have the resources to find solutions.

We do not base our fees on your refund.  It doesn’t matter how much your refund is, our price is only affected by the forms needed and the complexity of your return. 
We also do not prefer to be paid from refunds but immediately after preparation.  If you are unable to pay the fees, please take advantage of the PayPal 6 month payment plan!
This way, you are happy and so are we, because we get paid and can continue to finance our operations without interruption.

You're not just another client!

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