Tax Preparation Basic

Course 1 informs one of the basic requirements for preparing one’s own taxes to save money and or to begin a career as a Tax Professional.  The remaining courses are available for further instruction.

Course 1   – Preparing U.S. Individual and Sole Proprietorship Business Tax Returns.

Course 2  – Corporate and Partnership Tax Returns Including Non-Profits.

Course 3 – Ethics and Tax Preparation as a Paid Tax Preparer.

Knowledge is the key to avoiding becoming scam victim!  Learning to prepare your taxes and those of others can be rewarding in many ways.  You can save money, make money, rebuke scammers and stay out of trouble with the IRS!  This course is designed to help you accomplish all of that. You can register at any time and your questions will be answered ASAP!

This course will help you understand the forms needed to file simple and complicated individual returns.  You will be able to examine the forms and save them to your computer.  Don’t hesitate to ask a question. You can even wait for your answer as the tests are not timed.  Any question is valid.

One of the main things most people lack in knowledge of tax preparation is “where to put the deductions”.  Well, now you’ll know.  Take your time to really acquaint yourself with the forms used for deductions, credits, and adjustments.  These are the forms that help minimize your tax burden.

As it relates to preparing taxes as a paid professional, you only need to get credentialed from the IRS and open for business or hired at an office.  Learning the forms, and there are many, will take a little time, but you’ll learn as you do the returns.  What you must learn is that you are telling a financial story on paper.

This is what places professionals apart from scammers.  Integrity.  Scammers usually create red-flag returns focused on a refund without any reasonable nor verifiable evidence.  We will avoid the appearance of such work. Scammers focus on the “bottom line”, not how to get there.

This is course is a meant to help you fully understand the tax system. You wish to avoid paying anything if you don’t have to, to file your taxes and you don’t want to be scammed!

Post your questions about forms, circumstances, or any concerns here or in the forums!

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