Forms Used In An Individual Tax Return

The following is a list of required items and their related forms in simple and complex returns including multiple forms and schedules.

Taxpayer Information – Name, Address, Phone, City, ST, Zip, DOB SSN email (In Care Of information if applicable) [1040, 1040A, 1040EZ]
Taxpayer Exemptions – Whether can be claimed by another and if the tie-breaker rule needs to be applied [1040, 1040A, EITC]
Childcare – [1040, 1040A, 2441]
Make sure all reportable income (money from all sources whether W2, W2G, 1099, Cash, or Barter)
Unreimbursed Expenses related to a job – [1040, 2106]
Income or loss from rental property – [1040, Sch E]
Income or loss from other business – [1040, Sch C]
Work from home business use of home – [1040, 8829]
Income or loss from partnership or other corporate interest – [1040, Sch K1]
Health Insurance – Self-paid, employer- paid, or other [1040, 1040A, 1095B]
Health Coverage Exemption – [1040, 1040A, 8965]
Interest Received or Paid [1040, 1098INT]
Tuition – [1040, 1040A, 1098T]
Itemized Deductions – [1040, Sch A]
Education – You claim an education tax credit by completing Form [1040, 1040A, 8863], and attaching it to Form [1040] or [1040A] (if you or your spouse can be claimed by another and you have no other deductions or adjustments to consider, you must use 1040EZ and cannot take the education credit. If you both were in school and the primary taxpayer is not claimed by another, the education credit is available for that taxpayer on 1040EZ).


I have a wife and 2 children.  I work for myself and pay for health insurance on the marketplace.  My wife and I are newlywed and I am letting her mother carry her this last year since she actually supported her the whole year, althoughI know I could claim her since we married before December 31.

Which forms do I need?



I have 1 w2, no dependants. I am a college student.  My mom will claim me, but I had taxes withheld on my W2 and I can use 1040A to claim my education credit.  True or False?



My wife and I bought a new house and rented the old one the last couple months in the year.  We are retired and get a pension and social security.  We have no dependents and our combined income was less than $100,000.

Which forms?


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